Signs that a girl is already in a relationship?


There's a girls at my workplace who has always been catching my eye ever since the first day I joined. At first, we were like good colleagues and then we got along with each other well till the relationship between us arrived at a situation where I need to make a move to propose her.

That girl reminds me of a girl who I lost 2 years ago. At first, I thought it was just my imagination till 1 fine day it was confirmed that indeed she reminds me of that girl. With time, the bond became quite close but still I never asked her for a date. According to what I heard was that she used to love someone and that she broke up with him. Well, I don't have any expectations from her. During the festive season, I dared to offer her a gift and she liked it. Then, the day before yesterday I wished her a happy new year.

However, I was also having doubts on her. It's not that I spy on her but her actions are obvious. She comes late almost every day at work. At times, she would be wearing a nice makeup and at times she would be coming at wor without make up. Today this moring I saw her with nice make up but suddenly she was out of office for more than 2 hours. She came back with dishevelled hair, no lipstick, no nail varnish. Just to note that there was no rain outside office and the temperature was not hot neither.

Guys, is it possible that she already has her boyfriend and she might have gone dating and making out /fucking with him before returning to work?

For me, it is natural that I have such doubts so that when I decide to propose her, I won't be disappointed at all.

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