Confused about whether or not this girl wants to see me again or not?

I met this girl through an online site a bit over 2 weeks ago.

She is not one to text much - conversations with her are short and to the point. At times I think she is completely uninterested in me and then will send me a quick message randomly.

We've gone out twice. Both dates I felt were great, and she said as much to me at the end. Lots of good body language and it seemed legit.

Before our last date on the 30th she told me she had a cold and apologized in advance. We had a great time out and when I walked her to get car she told me she'd message me in the new year and hopefully go out again. I hugged for a little longer than usual. I went for the kiss but she turned her head! She said she didn't want me to get sick! I felt rejected and then asked her to text me when she got home knowing she was safe. She did and thanked me again and I didn't hear from her again.

At this point I had given up and was moving on. Until randomly last night on the 3rd she texted me a 'happy belated new year'. Now I'm extremely confused. Is that text just out of pity in that she felt bad for not sending one earlier, or do you think there's a chance at something here and I overreacted about the kiss? She is the girl I want - I don't want to date or see anyone else, but it took me days to get over her and now the emotions I was feeling for her have returned.

I ended up texting her and this is probably the most we've ever communicated before over the phone. Relieved this is over


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  • I think it would be easier for her just to not message you again, so I assume she feels something for you or she wouldn't have messaged you at all. I think her not wanting to get you sick was genuine so don't feel rejected. Try going on another date and see what happens.


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