Why does he like to control me?

Well that's pretty much it... My man likes to control me and idm but I'd like to know why men like to do this...


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  • Why do some people like brunettes over blondes?
    Why do some people like coffee instead of tea?
    Why do some people like cake instead of pie?
    Why do some people like hockey instead of soccer?

    Some people like to be dominant. Why? Because being in control is sexy.


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  • Well he might just be dominant but if it gets to the point where it feels like control, please be careful because that's how abuse starts. If he starts telling you what you can and can't do (like what to wear, where to go) and starts cutting off your contact to friends and family, don't walk, RUN!

    • Lol nah he is dominant and we both love that

    • Well being dominant is ok and that's pretty normal. If you like to be submissive, I bet you have lots of fun 😊

    • Lol I really do!!

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  • Because some women link emotional abuse with affection. That is why do many people like 50 Shades of blargh.

    • Lol he doesn't abuse me emotionally or physically... He just likes to control in the sense that he likes to be possessive and tell me I'm his especially sexually he'll say I'm his to fuck how he wants and I find it a turn on lol

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  • I dunno... I don't like controlling people!