Guys, do the abundance of shitty guys make your dating life easier or harder?

It makes it easier for me. I'm like, "so all I have to do is have a job, not ask for nudes, reciprocate oral sex, not be opposed to a relationship and not ditch after getting laid to separate myself from the rest of the pack? That's easy." I feel like I get undeserved props just for not being a creep.

Alternatively, I could see how shitty guys can make a guy's life harder as they pertain to females. Shitty guys make some women more cautious to their future encounters, making it harder for a good guy to connect with a female he may adore.

In short, have the rise in creeps and losers made your dating life easier or harder?

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  • I've never dated or asked a girl out but I think they probably make it worse.

    They give women more emotional baggage which the other men who date her have to deal with.

    If they've been played they might make you wait months for sex even though they used to feel comfortable having it much sooner.

    Maybe she used to send out nudes but now doesn't want to because she made the mistake of sending them to the wrong person in the past.

    So overall they make girls more guarded and less inhibited when they actually find a guy who's interested in a relationship.

    I hope to find a girl who wasn't foolish enough to fall for one of those guys in the first place. Might be wishful thinking though 😕


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  • Definitely harder. It has reached a stage where most women tend to view every man as a potential rapist or molester, or someone who wants only sex. I really hate it that I have to go out my way to 'prove' that I'm not like those men.

    • ... and that constant chore of dispelling bad stereotypes is so EXHAUSTING (especially me being a BLACK male, double the dispelling necessary)

    • @Prof_Don

      I understand. It's an even greater challenge for me, because I'm an Indian, and Indian men are associated with far worse stereotypes than black men. Several studies and surveys have shown that Indian men are considered the least desirable by women all over the world.

      I know that black men have it bad too, but going by what is being said in the media and the internet, Indian men have it the worst among all races.

    • Me too. It's so damn frustrating.

  • Definitely harder. Every girl I've dated had the story of that guy that fucked her up and mentall destroyed her faith in men.

  • I don't much but I noticed it too from interactions. I get praised for the most basic of things like not sending one word responses, listening, not staring, not over complimenting, etc. I noticed just being laid back, calm, cool, relaxed, and somewhat independent (not so obsessed with them) eases their doubt.

  • Harder of course because girls are either stupid enough to like them or they become suspicious of all guys and that makes it harder for the genuine ones to get anywhere. They are a plague.

  • Doesn't effect mine lol Thats just a shitty whiny excude because you can't pull lol

  • Voted C. Very little impact.

    We're more impacted by players, though they're few in number, and how they shift dating dynamics. The undateable guys are simply ignored.

  • I'm not sure honestly, women in general aren't interested in me

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