I can't open up or talk to anyone anymore... They're all just going to leave because I come across as boring or as a snob... Someone advice?

I'm 21. I don't let many people in my life or let them know me (I have no idea why?) it's not a complete insecurity thing... It's something else I can't put my finger on. I'm seeing a guy right now, and I just feel like he's not feeling wanted by me or that I like him because when we talk, I either tease and joke him, and when he wants to get to know me personally, I freeze up and my mind goes blank and I can't answer his questions. Or I can but I refrain from doing so. And sometimes I just make him really nervous or like he doesn't know what to do so our time together ends shorter because I'm so locked up. We have really passionate sex, and it's great, but beyond that I don't know him. (We hooked up and now it seems to be moving into something more because he's trying?)

By trying, I mean he will mention meeting my brother or like having me help him with something down the line or doing something together. And it surprised me because I thought we were just sex buddies. I don't want to be so closed off from him, but for some reason I am. My first relationship was half a year ago. I gave my complete self and trust into this guy and he trashed and bashed it. He said he loved me, would do anything for me.. But far from it. He was manipulative, had anger and jealousy issues, and cheated on me repeatedly that I only found out about a week ago; he held information and made lies to compensate. He was 29; I was 20. It was my first "love." And now I just view relationships as dumb. That love is only based on who is experiencing it.. Like we love alone and it's all b. s. Yet, I'm talking to this new guy and he's a genuine good guy & believes in love. It's just hard because I don't. Right now anyways.


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  • Yeah, you just came from a bad relationship so I understand it might take time to adjust


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