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I was 23 and she was 18. She claimed she was a virgin & said she wanted to wait till she's just ready. I being a gentlemen highly respected her. Only this one night during our 6th month i tried sexing her for a 1st time ever and she stopped me other then that we'd touch, make out, send sexy pics but that was it. She now broke up with me and we lasted 1 year. She actually said we'd be better off as "FRIENDS" after one year!.

Can a girl loose interest in a guy because he didn't try to sleeping with her earlier in the first dates? (i pulled the trigger 6 months later which maybe she had lost interest by then). My friends told me girls won't look at a men manly/men enough if he doesn't try sleeping with her early in the dates? My guys are telling me this could be the case as in she must of liked aggressive men/who take charge and i wasn't it. After this girl i began dating A NEW GIRL and i tried sleeping with her on the 1st date and she gave in. I think my friends are correct.


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  • SHe might of wanted to do it a few weeks later, but there may be other aspects you didn't realize or you might of said something (sorry yeah ik it makes you life harder)


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