Red flag? is this girl seeing another guy?

Me and this girl have been seeing each other for 3 months now. She sent me a pic text of a watch saying look what I found. I thought she found it like in public and said nice watch. She replied she found in Under some stuff beside her bed. Then she sent another text saying what do u mean nice it's not yours? I said nope... Silence for about 30 min then she text saying well this is weird...

this is is a red flag right?


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  • Yeah she fucking other guys. Dump the bitch

    • Always listen to your gut reaction

    • Yea it was a guys watch. What are the chances of me having a female watch on the floor next to my bed lol

  • Nah. could've been there for years. Let it slide, but keep your eyes peeled for anything more solid.

    • She lives in a smal one bed room apt

    • I'm single as shit so I don't really know about how relationships work, but I do know that when I have a one night stand, I don't leave my shit in her apartment. See, it's a conflict of interest. If she was fucking around on you it'd be with players who want to leave her no reason to contact them again. If she is cheating it's not going to be a guy who thinks he's her boyfriend, it's going to be with a fuckboy. Only boyfriends leave stuff in their girl's apartment. I suspect maybe an ex left it there, or a male friend, or maybe it was there since she moved in.

    • I have forgot stuff at her place... Well your young... Think of what are the chances of my apt having a female watch on the ground next to my bed after I moved in cleaned up and arranged my furniture lol