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Why would guys be such jerks to nice women?

im a really nice female- i treat everyone with respect, and im cool and down to earth. I'm also really pretty and I could be a total b*tch but im the opposite. I'll meet guys online- many of who complain that most women aren't real, all scams, or really fat or hookers. A lot of guys I meet some will say they can't find anyone to meet. Then they meet me, and im this really cool person and they treat me lower than crap or ditch me, dump me or try to bring me down. There was even one guy who I think wanted to hurt me but he does that to women in general.

I recently met a guy at a theme park- same thing. He talked about how no one would meet him etc. He hadn't seen a pic of me- and a lot of guys do get intimidated. He did kind of semi freak out when he saw me but stayed ok. Then he started actign weird- moving a lot, tapping, constant motion. Some idiots do that around me and its annoying. It was getting bad and he started getting worse, so I was thinking on how i'd ditch him after one or two rides and make up an excuse. We walked to one ride, he was still acting semi annoying (doing things u know he'd never do if i wasn't there). Tapping, almost sticking his umbrella in my face, etc.. then a disney cast member purpoesly ran and yelled in my ear (others do it too lots of crazy freaks out there).. i jumped and moved away annoyed. Then, as we were walking fwd to the seat, he stayed back. I thought- oh ok cool I get to ride it alone since who knows how he'd act. But when he walked out- i was standing there semi waiting for him. He looked like he was looking for me, then stared at me, then walked off. I realize he was just trying to lose me at the ride- which is ok but it's rude. He could've just said this isn't working out or something.

I don't get why guys who complain about insane women, meet an educated intelligent hot woman and treat her like crap. have had others do it too- including one jerk recently who projected his ex onto me..
Why would guys be such jerks to nice women?
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