The guy I am dating is oversharing his past, probably to establish rapport. How can I tell him to stop this without hurting his feelings?

So, I haven't dated anyone or had a boyfriend or anything my entire life and I guess my prudish ways were just too obvious even to a socially awkward guy. He just had to ask about my past boyfriends and when I told him there is no one in my past, he automatically assumed I must have felt loney or left out so he started telling me how he was a virgin till his mid 20s and who he lost it to and how he lost it and the girls he dated and now I'm just feeling like a stupid idiot. I mean he is quite sweet and stuff but I really didn't need to know all that on a second date... What should I do?


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  • Listen, you will pick up thing of interest, maybe not much but it could help you.


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