I need closure but he won't give it to me. What can I do?

Long story short, I love him dearly. But it's a toxic relationship. I keep breaking up with him. But he won't let me go. I've given him time and he says he's trying. But his actions say everything. He's been done in the relationship. I m the type of person that needs closure. I am telling him its time to move on. We both end it. He says he can't. I am being an adult about it and walk away I'm friendly terms. But he keeps avoiding it. Why? And what should I do?


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  • In my opinion, closure largely applies to individuals who simply cannot accept a breakup and who therefor wants to amend the factors which caused it.

    Thus, I'm to believe that if you currently find yourself in need of closure, then, you, like your description of him, are likely not ready to let go.

    And if you really, really want him to move on, you would simply stop allowing him to prolong the inevitable, which, in my opinion, gives him signs to the contrary.

    Cut the cord. End it. And stand by your decision by disabling the avenues that enables him to reach out to you.


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