Online dating! Ever been duped by misleading profile pictures?

Ever met someone online that you absolutely adored but who ended up looking waaaaaay different in real life? (Like bigger in person, skin worse than on the pictures or less muscular and handsome?)

Or ever got dumped because your date thought you looked less attractive than on your pictures?

I mean Instagram filters, clever angles and the selfie savviness of our generation seems to perpetuate this modern day issue, so how do you handle it? This is more a call for anecdotes than an actual question by the way I'd love to hear your stories.


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  • A coworker texted with a girl whose picture was a petite Asian girl. WHen they met in person, she was an overweight white girl. She said she thought he wouldn't like her if he saw her real picture. But there's nothing like showing the bad looks in person combining with letting them know you're a liar to win them over.


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