I can't get a read on this girl from gym and now confused as to next move?

i originally meet her this spring and talked to her on several occasions at the gym ( then i took a break from gym for summer and didn't see her again till early December ) . what i learned was that she moved here from another city for work , has her own car and a job in town. i've never seen her with anyone else at gym , no guys and not one girlfriend. other than going to gym i'm really not sure what else she was in to. i'm also not sure if she was single or not as i never asked.

she's also really good looking but not a lot of other girls go to gym to compare her to. she seems pretty comfortable with her body imagine and sexuality in general , she always seems to wear tight yoga pants ( but i never got the feeling she was looking for sexual attention ) and after working out at gym for several months has this unreal body at the moment. i'm also not sure if she enjoyed my attempts at talking to her or if she just wanted to be left alone at gym.
overall i have no idea where to try and take things , i'd like to date her and eventually have a sexual encounter with her but if she just wanted to be friends i could live with that


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  • You have to find ways to talk to her outside of the gym, that'd be your first move

    • thats part of the problem I only see her at the gym , due to where she works I couldn't like go there. I think the gym is my best option for now , although chatting with her online or through cell might work too if she was ok with idea

    • yeah good luck!

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