Im nervous? how can I be calm?

there is no rest in our household, my sister of 29 lives with us and she is starting to scare me, she is insane. My mom won't call in help, I m a student and have to stay for a while, i pray everyday for my safety, im becoming paraniod because she is anti social hasn't worked in 8 years and just sits in her room with in the dark, sometimes she laughs to herself in smirks... am I bein! rational or is it all in my head?


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  • Your sister sounds pretty cool to me. Tell her she can come and live in the dark at my house

    • im serious I feel unsafe

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    • no but she is a bitch, I don't know when she is going to snap I don't know she is crazy

    • You'll just have to be like a midget at a urinal around her.

  • You should try marijuana.


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