I think she was aiming this at me?

I asked to go on a break and take a step back. If you hear the word break or step back or in the future what comes into your mind? Completely over? Anyway what's she hinting?
I think she was aiming this at me?

  • Breaks are never breaks it's over
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  • Breaks can happen if the person is ill and needs their health
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  • Future is like months
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  • Future is years
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  • Step back mean like friends
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  • Step back means keep away for a bit
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  • she's saying she thinks you want to stop and once you do she doesn't want to see you. Basically if you take the break then you are over forever she doesn't want to see you after the break. She sounds like she's on her period (hahaha) She thinks you are annoyed from her recent behavior and thinks you are saying she's too much work. Hope this helps!


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