My girlfriend is asexual and I want to make sure she's happy. What should I do?

I've been with this girl for about a month. I quite often have my hand on her thigh and on multiple occasions have had my hand high up on her inner thigh I've also had my hand on her breasts (after a while a moved my hand under her shirt and onter her breasts on her undershirt once she realised she moved my hand out and we held hands back where they were). Today over text she told me that she was asexual (although she didn't state what type of asexuality she was) she texted me that this doesn't change anything between us I asked her to tell me anytime I make her uncomfortable and what times I had. She said that it only happened once (referring to the time when I had my hand up her shirt). I really care about her and don't want to make her uncomfortable or stress her out. I want to make sure she's happy and not just playing along. What do you guys suggest I do or change?


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  • By asexual she means that sexual contact of any sort does not pleasure her. So if you're okay with nothing more than hugging than by all means keep going.

  • Stick to playing with her hands and hair. She may have said she's asexual for a variety of other reasons other than being actually asexual, and may reveal this later on