Is anxiety a turn off?

In the beginning of any friendship/dating or whatever, for the most part I am my usual outgoing self but once in a while I get a bit of anxiety (I warn everyone ahead of time, It's usually just fear kicking in and I feel the need to run away, that nothing lasts forever and it's going to end in another goodbye), I don't ever over react, I usually just let them know I need to be alone for a bit (a day, a cpl hours), usually until I calm myself (I've had separation anxiety since childhood and losing my father at 15 made it difficult for me to let people get close to me, however, once I'm comfortable and relax in time, I no longer have that anxiety) .. Some guys are understanding and supportive, others have no understanding for it at all --- what's your initial response/attitude when someone you've known for say a month starts showing signs of anxiety but still keeps herself under control - do you assume she's needy and run? Are you understanding that she is an independent person that maybe just needs someone once in a while to reassure her?


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  • anxiety is not an attractive trait.


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