I'm still close friends with my ex, the guy I am currently dating dosnt like that, where should my loyalty be?

My ex and I dated for about 2 years but it wasn't a great relationship we both met when we needed someone the most, we argued almost everyday, but attachment kept us togther. I ended the relationship, we didn't speak for a month we reconnected after his uncle died and since then we have been close friends more like family. He has issues there has been a lot of deaths in his family and I have been on my own a Inc ri was 18. He has helped me soo much since our break up he said that I didn't treat you good as a boyfriend the least I can do is be a better friend to you. If it wasn't for him i would be homeless and wouldn't be here today I consider him to be my brother now and it's like me and him never dated.

We had a big argument the other day I told him I need space he has used me as an emotional punching bag and I got to comfortable that I can rely on him so much financially and as my social life. He has begged me so much to not leave him he needs me cause I'm his sister and that.

His DNA sister knows about the argument and has even told me that I should leave he has done a lot of damage i shouldn't suffer but then after my ex begs me to stay she asks me if I am really done with him. As if I'm the bad guy when she's even said that I should go. I confronted her about wjat she said but she ml never responded.

He has given me so much and has taken me places and I can't thank him enough, any time I was in trouble or had good news he was there, and if anything he looks out for me when it comes to guys and I do the same for him with girls. We are able to have conversations about the dates we have been on and that.

The guy I am currently dating is amazing it's only been 2 weeks but I have mever met anyone like him even my mother approves which is a first. He is a proper gentlemen, he isn't fooling around he wants to settle down and is very serious about me. So much so that he has even said he wants me to be his girlfriend but he automatically brought up bounderies and he won't tolerate any form of contact that I have with my ex even though my ex and I have been friends for a year now.

I'm not sure what to do u promised my ex so much that I would stick by him as a friend and as his family no matter what but this guy is amazing even my mom said he is a keeper.


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  • You should not need to make a choice.

    You should be trusted to be a good person.


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