Has anyone with no friends or social life gone on dates?

I have never been on a date, yeah it's bad. I haven't had friends since I was 10 and I've never gone out with people my age to hang out and party. That means all my teens and 20s I had no social life and no fun out with others. I don't even know how to party and be fun or laugh and have conversations.

Is there anyone like me that still managed to get dates and be in relationships? I'm finding it near impossible to accomplish anything.

I know I'm 30 but I feel 13 like I still want to party and be wild and have fun for the first time and live life but being alone isn't making that happen. I can't even describe how bad I feel being denied fun and company.



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  • It's possible but you HAVE to put yourself out there. If you don't, you won't meet anyone. Go out to a bar, talk to whomever sits next you in a friendly manner. Do this until you feel comfortable. Find a pretty girl at a bar? Introduce yourself, give her a compliment and talk to her. If it goes well, ask her if she'd like to exchange numbers at the end of the night.

    Where do you live? If you don't mind?

    • I've tried going to bars locally and there are never any single women, just couples. The men usually are in their 50s I don't try to talk it feels too much like talking to someone my dads age. I live in Long Island NY

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    • I'll have to check it out, sounds better than most places I've heard of. I'm not much of a drinker but I could always get non alcoholic drinks.

      Thank You for the encouragement you've been most helpful out of all the posts I've gotten here 👍

      You wouldn't happen to know a Michael Knudsen from popbytes website, he lives in California and is my cousin https://www.instagram.com/popbytes/

    • It's live music and they play different kinds of music and take requests. Hands down, my favorite bar. I go almost every weekend, even if I'm not drinking! Just to meet new people.

      Of course, anytime! Glad I could help.

      No, I don't know him!

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  • I can well relate to this it's been the same for me for over 50 years.

    • Ouch, that not good to hear 😕

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    • Thanks for MHO!

    • Your welcome!

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  • Have you tried online dating?

    • Many of them, not a positive experience from the hate messages I got, no good messages at all and no chats with women ever happened.

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  • i basically have no friends and no social life right now

    no friends = not hanging out with any of them

    no social life = work, train, games, not going out

    and i still date, but most of the girls i meet are on campus and I don't consider it much of a social life considering i just walk into class, stay quiet as fuck and take notes, and then leave.

    • Do you meet potential dates in college or through work or random encounters in groups of people in school? I was told guys meet girls working but I can't see this as a sure fire guarantee. Please elaborate more on this it would be appreciated.
      But you do have friends right, it's that your too busy with work and school to hang out much? If that's the case that's normal, I know many people in that situation. It's weird because I'm not in school and not working and have lots of free time yet no friends to hang with and no date, how ironic right?

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    • instead of trying to do both, just focus on one for now, which should be friends first. what really helps finding new friends is bonding with people who have common interests.

    • I'll try harder to make friends, thanks for the great advice bro!

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