What am I to think when a guy isn't talking to me anymore?

So first of all I stayed at this guys house the other night that I've been on two dates with. He asked me to come out there so I drove the two hours. When I got there all we did was sit on the couch across from each other and watched his favourite TV show. We barely talked and he set my bed up in another room, he did offer to sleep on the couch while i slept in his bed but still didn't want to sleep in the same bed as me. We talked a little during the show but not much. Then before bed he didn't even say good night and just showed me the bathroom. The next morning he started to watch tv again and we hardly talked until we went to get breakfast. Then before I left he didn't hug me or nothing or even walk me to my car. I don't understand, he's nice but he didn't touch me at all. I apologised if I was awkward and understood if he didn't want to see me again and he said he wasn't going to say that. Am I doing something wrong? Do I just confront him again?


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  • Maybe he is just shy and unsure about how to act around you. Usually the first few dates with someone are awkward and tense. He may just need to know you longer before he feels more relaxed and comfortable around you. He seemed quite respectful towards you, so that's a positive sign.

    I'd much rather a guy be more reserved with me at first when he invited me to his home , than just pounce on me and try to get me into bed. I'd leave and never go back again if he behaved that way

    He might not want to be too forward with you in case he pushes you away. If you like him... just be patient, because the more he gets to know you, the easier it'll be for him to open up to you. ❤