Should I not pursue her?

So this girl and I having been getting to know each other for about two months now. She has shown signs that she really likes me and I like her. She is a single mom with two kids, the father is not in the children's lives at all since birth. I never really had the thought of being involved with someone with kids but I am REALLY starting to like her. My family have told me to stay away from her and so have my friends. Should I take everyone's advice or being I am an adult should just take it slow and see how it goes and maybe pursue her at some point?


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  • Are you adult enough to bear judgment and carry her responsibility as well? It isn't wrong to like her or want her. But you must also bear the aftermath considering she agrees. Besides what does she think about you? Be absolutely sure that she will reciprocate. If you can cope with it, sure go ahead. I'd consider you a good man. At the same time, you're still young and possibly have a great future ahead of you. Your family and friends are right to be concerned and warn you. Also, are you ready to be a father? Will the kids accept you on their own? Are you sure you can win them over? You've a lot to cope with man. If you're gonna pursue this, you're gonna have to go all in. So think very CAREFULLY. There's no going back if you take this step.

    • I appreciate your input, what you said sounds like what everyone is telling me. I just right now feel mixed emotions. I know being involved with a single mom of two is very hard and requires everything and more on my part. It is just something about her that I have this attraction to I can't explain it. Everyone is telling me your young handsome and a great guy, there are other women out there. I know this and I'm not saying Wedding bells are ringing any time soon. So I right now just want to observe her and her kids and just get to know them, but I am starting to like her too. And part of me is saying " down the road you could be making the biggest mistake of your life". And another part is saying " it is going to be a challenge like any relationship, but it may work out." I don't know I feel torn emotionally.

    • That's why you need to think rationally. What might keep you happy right now might not keep you happy later.

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