Guys, girls how fast are you to stop trying to get someone?

So we all want to date and have a relationship and most want marriage , but it all starts with an interest or conversation with the person you want to be with.

For me if she has a boyfriend, shows no interest, avoids my efforts to show interest (even if she's playing and really wants something), basically getting to know a girl i find attractive, talking to her and showing interest in her is way out of my comfort zone so if she is looking for more to consider me then i am not interested anymore.

We men usually approach women and to do so we get out of our comfort zone and get exposed to so many things and often get humiliated and insulted in the progress to in a way i guess lots of guys dont like BS or playing hard to get , and acting like that is a sure way of making guys lose interest.

what about you?


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  • Its the same way for me. If I see a guy trying to make me jeaous it just turns me all the way off and Im no longer realy interested. Playing hard to get or passive agressive behavior


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