I cannot watch horror and suspense movies. Is it a turn off?

I'm almost 18 but I don't like those films. They are just scary. It would usually take like 2/3 weeks to get over it.
Im not trying to be cute or anything. I really don't like them.

So is it too childish? A turn off?
Is there any girl who feel in the same way as me?

Be honest and thank you

  • That's wired childish and a turn off.
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  • That's fine. I don't care
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  • Thats a turn on
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  • I'm a girl who likes those films
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  • I'm a gril who don't mind them
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  • I'm a girl who thinks those films are too scary to watch
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  • I like those films. But, I wouldn't care if a girl didn't want to watch them with me.


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  • Life is scary enough without adding fictional flights. I've never been into horror movies I know many are but it's a bit like porn the adrenaline becomes addictive. Everyone is looking for more scary so a bigger hit. I just find horror horrible.
    There are enough truly horrific things happening in the world today that it's ridiculous that people want to watch it.
    It horrified me to see how many people tried to find the beheading of a aid volunteer who was a family man from England.
    A Husband, Father and son of some being decapitated by ISIS. I heard young people asking each other how to find the video.

  • I don't care for them either

  • It's fine don't worry


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