Would you say he was being overprotective or just caring?

Long story short, the other day I went on a date with a guy and everything went well. We ended up at his place where we kissed for a bit. I decided to to home around 2 am.

When I told him I was going home, he seemed upset. He offered for me to sleep over at his place but I told him another time. He then said I'd have to take a taxi and that he would accompany me as he wouldn't want me to get in the taxi by myself (which I found a bit strange)

Anyway, was he being a bit overprotective about the taxi thing or was he just being sweet? I do like him but just thought I'd ask what other people think.


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  • He is not being over-protected by accompanying you in the taxi. This action is basic manners of guys toward women. It is 2 am and he cannot let you venture in the darkness like that. If anything happens to you, he will feel that he is responsible that he did not accompany you home.

    I accompany regular female friends when they go home.


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  • I think he got dissapointed u leave and decided to go to club and find some ither girl... thats why he want to go in taxi with u