Guy I was seeing contacts me after a while. How should I react?

How should I react when a guy, who I was seeing for 3 months contacts me? We ended it and have not been in contact for a month. I have so much resentment towards him. He didn't treat me the way I deserve to be treated. And I firmly believe he was seeing other girls at the same time we date, which also might be a delusion. (But, in case he wasn't seeing other girls, I could give it a second try.)

So I just don't know how to react?
I don't know why he contacted me also, he probably just wants to be friends.
And I am afraid that if he wants to meet with me and I agree, I just might go crazy on him. Accuse him on so many things that might or might not be true...


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  • It is OK for a guy or girl to date multiple people as long as he/she does not declare commitment to one of them. Of course, the opposite sex would not like it.

    Can you explain why you think he is seeing other girls when you two are dating?


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