Guys what would you think of this girl in a hypothetical situation?

So it's been about a year since you've seen her face to face. She moved away for school which is about 1000 miles away and you've had a thing for her since you first met her. You always had a girlfriend when she was around and even when the relationship was abusive you had to stay with your girlfriend because of reasons. But you really wanted to be with her. You never really got a chance because she was 17 and you were older but you wanted to wait until she was 18 to even tell her how you felt. When she left you texted her a lot and basically you told her exactly how you felt about her and she felt the same. Than fast forward a few monthes you stop texting as much and being a little short.

  • I still really like her she just isn't around
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  • I lost interest hence why I stopped calling
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  • I probably started seeing somebody else while I was waiting for her


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