How can a 22 years old enter the dating field?

Hey, I'm 22 years old and have no knowledge at all when it comes to dating.

I've never took a girl's number nor asked out a girl in my past 22 years because of fears. I want to overcome it, and so I'm reading articles and all they say are the do's and don't that are hard to understand.

For example, they say you shouldn't pay much attention to her.. she is the one to chase you.. and so on stuffs like that

Can someone that has expertise tell me the secret for dating girls for someone that has no clue at all?

Thank you, I really appreciate your help.


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  • Girls will not chase you, especially with your experience level.

    Other than that: clean yourself up, take care of yourself, wear coolish clothes (that you think look good on you, cause they probably will make you feel confident and subsequently you'll look and seem better to others).

    Practice, practice, practice talking to girls. Just immerse yourself in girls as much as you can. Try to stop planning what to say; stop thinking so hard, stop over-analyzing. Speak your mind, and let your thoughts flow. If you can't even do this with guys, you can practice with them too. Eventually, you will find people who truly like you, make friends with them, become more confident, and then be able to ask for girls' numbers.

    I don't know if I'm doing this part wrong, but I tend to befriend girls with the intention of eventually asking them out, and then I crush on them and never ask them out. So I don't know where I'm going wrong but... just ask girls out as soon as you get the notion.

    • Thank you for your reply.

      I do believe to take care of myself well enough, I shave myself and clean decent clothes.
      I have to admit that I have some confidence/self-esteem issues which I'm trying to overcome, which is quite difficult for the time being.

      When it comes to guys, I'm easily becoming their friends. I have no difficulties at all to talk to them, to get to know them and all the stuffs. However , when it comes to girls it is much difficult despite believing that I am a friendly person.
      I'll try to approach more girls now, and see if my confidence will boost and stop being the weak person that I am actually.

      If you are able to befriend them, in a way that you connect each other. You have to take it a step further if you have a crush, and ask them out. If you're having difficulties to ask them out in a face to face communication I can suggest you to ask them out via text message. I'm not an expert in this field, but I think that it is a low pressure way to ask them out.

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    • If it doesn't make sense that we still weren't dating, then yeah, welcome to my world.

    • If you are indeed flirting and doing things right, I can't believe that you are not dating yet. There's something wrong, maybe you're not doing the flirty thing right.

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  • well first of all upgrade your wardrobe wear nice and sexy clothes that fit you and if you're overweight lose weight.
    wear stylish jackets with fitting pants, shirts and good shoes that are not the sporty type nor sneakers but dont make it too formal as well , style your hair and get a sharp hair cut , dress for success , whenever you're out make sure you stand out because of what you're wearing , now that pahse is done , phase 2:
    the actual dating , i have no experience cold approaching girls but i know how to date a coworker, if you have some its time to act and get close to them , get close, be fun and great guy , genuine , if you lie dont let them caught you and slowly if you see some interest from your co worker as her out , the same way everywhere really , start slowly getting to know them and having fun then get closer but dont be annoying be cool and dont care much. pretty girls are still humans too and there is no reason to put them on a pedestal and act like they're better , yea sure they're hot but treat them normally

    • wear like these guys and expirment with clothing

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    • dont focus on dating , leave it for later for now just make friends and know more people , dating will come later when you're comfortable enough and can pretty much talk to any girl in your class and walk with her anywhere with ease , when you reach that level then you can start taking it further and trying to get closer to her

    • That's a good advice that you're given me there, thank you for that.
      I'll try to apply what you taught me, and see where all this thing will lead me.

  • Wish I could but I'm in a very similar situation myself.

    • We are unlucky dude, hoping that someone here will help us out effectively.

    • Well my issues are more than just fear so I doubt it but I'm still interested to see what people say.

    • May I ask you what is your issue you're going through or is it personal?