She declared me her boyfriend. Should I be concerned?

This girl I've been dating for 2 weeks is using control tactics I think. I'd love you to clarify.

So yesterday she told me about a guy who asked her out. Then she acted like it was nothing. I asked what she told him, and she said she didn't say anything. I said ok. She then sent me a screenshot of her telling him that she has a boyfriend. We've only been seeing each other for 2 weeks. Should I be concerned? I do like her a lot, but this looks like she tried to use jealousy to reel me in...

Another thing, on new years we didn't have plans. she said she wasn't going on a trip with her family because we have plans. I went with it, coz I like her. We had a good time.

My concern is the whole declaring we have plans, or saying that I'm her boyfriend. Are these things I have to worry about?

She's 22.

Actually last night she was ignoring my texts while I was at work. She usually texts me the whole time. So now I'm feeling this hot and cold thing. One day she's all about me and says im her boyfriend, then the next she's too busy. Wishy washy or crazy?


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  • I mean you don't have to worry however if you don't feel the same and you don't want her to be your boyfriend you should let her know, two weeks is kinda short, I usually start seeing someone for months and then decide whether we are going to make it official. It seems to me that she's a but wishy washy and shouldn't try to make you jealous at all.. especially this soon.


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  • Yeah, I think she's being manipulative and controlling. You should talk to her about it and ask her why she's doing all these things (making you her boyfriend, saying you have plans etc) without even talking to you about it first. I mean, if I wanted a guy to be my boyfriend, I wouldn't just make assumptions and say that he's my boyfriend without checking with him first. Likewise, I wouldn't just assume that I have plans with him on NYE, I would talk to him about it and ask him. So this is definitely not normal behavior.

  • She's manipulative. Talk to her about this and keep an eye out. I've learned not to trust people like that easily.


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