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Let's call this guy by the name of A and girl B.

A met B at a party, they hit it off and he seemed extremely interested. Wanted to hang out the same weekend etc. B made him wait to take her out on a date, they messaged back and forth though not always consistent (sometimes daily, sometimes in two days etc but A rarely puts effort to initiate convo unless B has not messaged in a day or 2.). They go on a date, it goes very well. They talk here and there with B feeling like she's doing the messaging so she stops. A doesn't always keep the conversation going via text either or doesn't always respond. When B doesn't message, A messaged asking to go on a date so they did. A turned out to be extremely affectionate during the second date cuddling etc but no kissing. The date ends well, and they text here and there. A runs around the bush to ask B to come out for new years with him. But plans dont work out, when B asks A the next time unexpectedly to hangout, A has plans but says wasn't she suppose to be busy today. She tells him her plans flopped, and since then B has not made any effort to text A and A has not made any effort to text B. The last few contacts prior to no contact was initiated by B.

Why isn't the guy taking initiative? Has he lost interest in the girl? What's his game?


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  • Stop texting, start calling. You're wasting time with these texting games and it's very sad to see grown adults trying to decipher intent from text messages.

    Doesn't... Tone matter? Body language? How about having conversation in real time? You're missing these crucial elements with text, so if there's something bothering you, hit the call button. Avoid sabotaging your connection with passive aggressive shit, acting like he isn't RIGHT THERE and able to clarify his stance.


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