Are we exclusive?

I've been on about 10 dates with a guy that I'm starting to develop feelings for. We met online, and the first few times we went out I had dates lined up with a few other guys as well. Since about Christmas he is the only person I've gone out with. He invited me to a party on New Years where I met a couple of his friends and he met one of mine. We haven't had a "DTR" or discussed our relationship yet and I definitely don't want to rush that. Today, one of the guys I went on a date with about 3 weeks ago asked me out again. I would feel weird going out with someone else at this point, but we haven't discussed being exclusive. I'm not really sure what to do! Is it too soon to talk to him about where we are in our relationship?


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  • Just ask him how he feels about your guys dating relationship. His answer should give you the clue you're looking for.

  • you're not exclusive until you discuss being exclusive. Although I think he might be sad if he found out you were dating other guys. That makes it sound like you're not super interested in him and you're still looking for other dates.
    If you feel weird about it, don't go on the date! You don't have to say you're in a relationship or anything, just say now is not a good time for a date.