What would u do?

today on the bus... someone i trusted told a guy i like that i like him... and then he looked at me and said my name and said " me kieres" which means do u like me and i said no... then the second time he asked i said no and he said" porque tu hermano me dijo " which means why? ur brother told me... and i gave him a little smile and got of the bus... what would u do im scared to go on the bus tommorow i really like him
i think he knows because he askes me out loud


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  • Why deny it? He may actually like you back. In any case, are you playing hard to get? XD

    • kinda but i was scared to tell him cause everyone was looking

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  • Yes, he knows you like him.
    He wouldn't be asking you why if he wasn't the least bit of interested in you. I say give it a shot.

    • really?

    • Yeah! If he said, "Hey, do you like me?" and you said, "no" and he wasn't interested, he'd most likely leave it at that.

      If he asked, "hey, do you like me?" and you said, "no" and he asked, "why?" then he clearly wants to know why you don't EVEN THOUGH he knows that you do since your brother told him. He has to at least be somewhat interested. You could always ask him if he likes you.

    • aw thanks for that answer

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  • Honestly - you are just acting stupid. He asks you, you say yes. Then you know if he likes you or not and have certainity.

    That's way better than not knowing, being confused and having to ask here.

    • thank you

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    • he was smiling i hope he likes me

    • Only one way to find out.

  • Just be straight and honest next time you see him.


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