Guys, should I see him?

I walked away from a guy who I was seeing because he wanted to "get it out of his system". He kept saying when he is ready for another serious relationship it'll be with me. He and I are still in somewhat contact since we ended 2 and a half weeks ago. He messaged me last week and said I'm amazing and then on Saturday said he misses my company. He knows I refuse to hang out with him while he's having fun with girls.
Yesterday more than ever I wanted to message and ask him if I could literally come over and get a hug, hands down he would have said yes. In this situation would seeing him as a once off be bad because he thinks he can have both? If I stick to my guns will that just make him forget about me or want to see me more?

  • See him then don't see him again it'll make him miss you
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  • Stick to your guns, don't contact him eventually he'll be back
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  • Stick to your guns. I can't say that it will work certainly, but it's better than giving in, because people are good at wiggling their way back into people's lives.


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