Should I just BLOCK him on every social media platforms?

Hello everyone! So basically there's one guy from a dating app that I had been texting back and forth all day for about 1 month and a half. We got along pretty well but I noticed that before we stopped talking he wasn't as interested and replied late. We were supposed to meet up but we never did as he said it would not work out anyway because we live so far away from each other and he hates LDR. Still, he liked some of my pictures on instagram and once texted me out of the blue after we stopped talking. I took so long to reply that he didn't continue the conversation. Then I started a conversation once more and it was just to ask him for advice about things he's an expert on. It didn't last long. Then this new year he sent a HNY message and we started talking again. It's been 3 days then I acted as if I'm not that interested and he tried to continue the conversation. After that we just stop talking. I pretty fancy this guy but I don't know if I should ever continue this because it feels like he's just a player who wants to only text and never actually wants anything to happen. Should I just block him out from every platforms that we both share? What's your opinion? Thank you for taking time to read this.


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  • Sure do that

  • so next time a girl blocks me imma assume it's cuz she likes me? lol.


  • "I took so long to reply that he didn't continue the convo""Then I acted as if im not interested". And why would you do that exactly? Thats your problem right there, you (or both of you) are playing games already

    • Yeah you might be right. But it was also because he kinda faded as well so I didn't want to look desperate. Should I just fire him another text to see how it goes this time then?

    • If you're interested then do. Dont make it generic either

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