How to get the guy I want?

he's friends with this guy my friend is talking to/seeing at the moment and I really like him. Only problem is I barely see him because we are in different classes and I really FEAR being rejected. I used to think he liked me a while back because he used to ask people about me and stuff, but now we don't talk and I just feel like I might not be able to get him. The most we've done is like have small talk but this was like a couple of years ago before we went to college, and he's liked my selfies. That's it. I'm constantly told that I'm good looking and should seriously consider modelling but the problem is I'm really self conscious because I have never had a boyfriend which makes me feel like I'm not good enough and also stops me from wanting to approach boys, I feel really inexperienced.


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  • Talk to him more or have your friend and her guy help you out by hanging out together.