WTF is this guy doing?

I will try to make this as short as possible. I've hung out with this guy, everything was pretty cool, he seemed shy so we didn't kiss. Then we text, for some period it got rarer, I even blatantly asked him if Im interrupting him in something/bugging him to which he replied, literally ''NO WAY, I just couldnt get ahold of my computer''.. In the meantime I've seen like 3 pictures of him with some girl, to which Im not sure she's his friend or not. They have a pic alone at a cafe, as well as a group photo with him and 2 more of his friends.

He STARTED convos almost every single time, and now that I've messaged him first, he was online, yet didn't reply ie blatantly ignored me.
Im literally hopelessly confused, wtf?
(I will add more details if needed)

Could he be ''testing out the waters''? It seems so douchey & unfair, if he did that I wish he'd tell me so I could move on.
Also, he wished me a happy New Year in my inbox


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  • You can't assume the reason he didn't respond as ignoring. Next time you see him, tell him how you feel and ask if he is seeing anyone. Until you actually communicate you will remain hopelessly confused.

    • That's true. But I can't communicate if we seldomly text/see... I dont get what's the deal, since I really did openly ask him if he's okay or not with talking to me..

  • It sounds like he at least likes you as friends. Don't read too much into the other girl. She could be a friend, cousin etc

    • Right? It would be really creepy if he had a girlfriend, then went on and initiated conversations with me. We aren't really that much of ''friends'', you see.

    • Good luck. I hope it progresses