How often do you text while dating someone, is it okay to not talk for a few days?

we are in our late 20's, and I have been out of the dating game for a bit, left an abusive relationship and finally am giving dating a shot, my previous relationship wasn't healthy by any means, so i'm trying to figure out what is healthy and what is not. when you are dating (officially together), do you need to keep in contact all day long? it's okay to go a day or two with just a few texts kind of thing.. for the most part im okay with it, i like my space, but then i wonder, if he really liked me we woudl talk more? just some in put would be nice. thanks.


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  • So it's an official relationship at this point? I talk to my boyfriend every single day, we text pretty much all day intermittently unless we're busy with something else in our lives.

    I really think this just depends on the couple though as well as how busy both of your schedules are. It's understandable to not talk every day, all day long, especially when both people have jobs or other engagements. Personally though, I think it would be odd to go more than a couple of days without contact when you're in an official relationship.