We've hooked up twice but I can't tell if he wants something more... What do I do? Should I ask him?

We are both 21 but go to separate colleges like 40 minutes away. We met on tinder, hooked up (we both hadn't had sex for like 4 months before this) and that was last Thursday. We did it again on this last Sunday. Honestly, it's just really really great sex. Like fire and passion and we really work well together. I can't read him otherwise though... Like when we talk he talks like he's going to be around for a bit, like dropping hints when I mentioned my brother and if he would meet him, or like I should help him with his class next semester.. Or just random things like that. Yet, all we've done is watch a movie, have wonderful sex, talk for 15 minutes after and then I leave. He has told me how attractive I am and whatever... But I don't know. When we talk it's kinda off, mostly because it's right after we have sex. We don't text much otherwise. He responds when I text him... But he only texts me if we have something planned. I sent him a Facebook friend request yesterday afternoon and he never accepted it. He has like 1700 friends so I don't get it? Why wouldn't he accept mine?
We haven't spoken at all today. He said he would be willing to come to my place this next time but I have yet to hear from him (even if it's been only a day). Should I message or snapchat him?


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  • If you treat your relationships as disposable sex toys dont be surprised when you are thrown in the trash. *moral lesson of the day. God bless*

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