How do I make myself more appealing to women?

I am always looking to improve myself, and I really want to make myself appealing to women. Women dont really talk to me much, romantically, so I want to make myself that guy that girls are excited to date, and go out with, because right now women act indifferent when I ask them out or talk to them. I just dont understand how women want me to improve myself though, I am naturally really thin and I have a six pack (even though I dont lift weights, just swim) my face has been rated above average, and I am tall and I have a swimmers body. I dont know how I could improve my physical presence much more so I am wandering if there are any ways to improve myself. Thanks!


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  • Honestly, you don't need to change your body especially if you're a swimmer because being one myself, I've seen how guy swimmers look shirtless. You're fine on that note. And personality wise, changing who you are isn't going to do anything. You have to be yourself. Wanna improve on anything? Well, if you're not outgoing, then try to pishpush yourself out of your comfort zone. Be funny, be a little flirty but not with every single girl. If there's a certain girl you like then find out what she likes to go do and try it out in a group setting and get to know her better first. Hope that helps a little!


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