Seeing a guy after 5 months of not talking?

so I was talking to this guy over the summer, we hungout plenty of times and I even met his parents and siblings. we were basically a couple except he never asked me out. we would just hook up and go on dates. once our college fall semester started we obviously didn't hangout because of school and work. (he lives an hour away from me) our schedules didn't work out. we stopped talking out of nowhere like he just never texted me back and I never tried texting him either. I got in a relationship 1 week after we stopped talking. (bitchy move I know:( I regret getting in a relationship) my co worker gave me so much attention and seemed to care for me. I was stupid and I said yes to the relationship. we dated for 2 months and a half. I was not happy in the relationship because all I could think about was the guy I talked too over the summer. I broke up with my ex because I was still in love with the guy I was talking to over the summer... I texted the guy I talked to over the summer and it seemed like he was mad at first but we haven't stopped texting for about 2 weeks now. he asked me to hangout with him on Friday. I'm extremely excited but I'm nervous. I'm soooooo nervous because I feel like it will be awkward. Any tips? What should I talk about? I don't want him to ask me about my relationship because I feel like a fucked up person for dropping him and getting in a relationship way too fast...


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  • Do what you feel is right for you but beee careful might be setting yourself up for a painful heart break


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