Girls, Why do you giggle when a random guy stares at you or looks past you?

Thoughts that run in your mind?


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  • I probubly think he is cute and hope to grab his attention.

    • Thanks :)) So you giggle because you feel nervous?

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    • I usually like to make sure he is and isn't in my head then I smile.

    • cool.

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  • "I'm super nervous!"
    "He's really cute and he's looking at me!"
    "I'm drawing attention :)"
    "I'm drawing attention and that scares the hell out of me"

    • thanks :)) why would drawing attention, scare the hell out of you?

  • It depends :
    sometimes I like that guy and I was staring at him first , so when he does it I feel like he noticed me
    I'm happy, flattered
    I'm nervous and I don't know how to react
    sometimes just the whole situation is somehow funny ,

    • Thanks :)) Why would the whole situation be somehow funny sometimes?

  • Well I don't giggle and if is a guy I find attractive im like

    "Omg he's staring, what do I do?"
    So basically I am flattered lol
    But if it's a guy that I don't know I'm like
    "Don't look at me pleaseeee, why is he looking at me?"

    • thanks :))

      If you have the thought that "don't look at me pleaseee, why is he looking at me? " would you have an angry or mean expression or avoid looking at him?

    • No not really I just keep a straight face lol

    • cool.