Do I tell him I love him even when he might not feel the same way?

GUYS & GIRLS HELP. Alright, here's the story with this. November 2014, I met this guy. I'd had a class with him and once we started talking, we hit it off really well. Not long after, he asked for my number. We flirted constantly, but we were also always teasing each other (both of us are sarcastic people too) and just laughing. I was almost instantly comfortable with him in a way I'm not with even some of my family. Eventually in March I still like him and I told him face to face. He nicely told me he didn't feel the same way.

After that, it was never awkward. In fact, we were almost closer and I could breathe easier since he knew. A month later I was texting him while I was out for a walk and I'd jokingly told him to bring me tea while he was making some. Well, he actually did. He met me at a park close by and we talked for a couple hours till it had gotten dark and I needed to go home. Well, while we were talking, he kissed me, more than once. Still not awkward. We were smiling and I was blushing and we were just both happy. He drove me home and kissed me before I got out of the car. Similar thing happened the next day.
The thing is, he was older. I'm 15 and he's 18. We agreed to just keep it to ourselves. But we still flirted, he still called me princess and I still called him Joker (inside joke). Eventually in December 2015, I called him out on it. I asked if we ever had a chance of anything. He said this: "You know I like you too, but we're hurting each other and ourselves. I'm sorry, I don't want to do this to you, but its better to end it." I don't know when I started loving him, just that I do. I can't walk away and move on without saying everything I have to say. I don't want to regret not taking that chance. Either way, the only thing I have to lose is him and I don't want that. So what's your opinion?


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  • If I understand correctly the relationship is over. But telling him your feelings will give you closure. So do that. And then move on with your life. Could be face to face or in a letter.

    It sounds like a hurtful situation. Feeling some closure might help you heal more quickly.


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