Confessed to her, no response?

We are very close friends for years. She got out of a bad relationship 2 years ago. We always talked about our relationships. She always asked me if I were dating someone, asked why I never date her, wants to meet my family, feeds me, calls me her girl.. Touchy with me. How other guys hit on her. I have a problem expressing my feelings so I asked her for us to meet because I wanted to talk to her about something lingering my mind. We didn't meet up so after a week I wrote her an email admitting to her that I just don't know how to handle my love for her because her mind and beauty strikes me. She text me saying we would talk about everything but when I told her let's meet for dinner and talk about it she said she can't do that but will talk to me. Have not heard from her.. and now I'm wondering what she will say. I feel she gives in and pulls back, which is why I didn't pursue her earlier, I wanted her to feel sure what she was saying all the sweet things to me. Now I don't know if she pulled back? I texted her again for us to meet and get dinner but no response


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  • in my opinion call her for the last time / or text her
    and show her that you are really serious
    and that you will not give up , until you'll get an answer (weither it's yes or no )
    but at the same time don't be clingy