Guys, GUYS: how long could you go without texting/talking to a girl that you're interested in?

If a girl said she's interested in getting to know you & you say you are also. After talking for a couple of weeks & then she just stops texting you especially if she texts you first almost everyday or every other.. how long would you wait to text her?


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  • depends how long she takes to answer.

    • I've been texting a guy for a couple of weeks but I noticed a week into it seemed like I always was texting him first, but he says he's interested. He is in college both of us but we're only 20 minutes apart he does play basketball, I've brought it up jokingly about him never texting me he said it's not intentional but it just feels like he's not all that into me anymore. Therefore I just decided to stop texting him i figured if he's into me he'll text me. I haven't texted him since Saturday but it was extremely short like 3 texts each. But just now he did send me a snap picture of hisself but he hasn't text my phone. Should I just wait to see if he ever texts me?

      Oh and I'm friends with his cousin she told me he asked her about me is that a good sign?

    • why don't you just ask her to ask him if he likes you? usually i (and most people) text people when they need something or have something to tell that person.

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  • less then a day.

  • Usually every other day or every two days

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