Does he like me part2?

They said he couldn't get me as a girlfriend so h asked me out by note and I told Jim n because my friend liked him when he saw that I said no I heard him say under his breath that I would never date a guy like him... but the conversation trails of to something new and Noe else heard him say it the last day of school when no one was around he gave me a hug and said I was one of his best friends then in 7th he started off acting like he forgot my name but he clearly remembered it expecially to sleep after you said it correctly several times and then try to act like he didn't then he had the audacity to ask free to wear my bracelet and, promise to give it back at the end of the day throughout the school year when he would see me he would fake slap me smile and wink one time at hen I told him to pull up his pants he turned around pullenthem up and winked at me and bit his lip (#doingtomuchbutokay) my best friend told me that he told her that he like me for a long time (she was not suppose to tell me ) but he was to scared to ask me out because he thought I would reject him like I did twice already and that he wanted to ask me out to the end of the school year dance but the end of the year dance was cancels so he never got the chance to ask me to it now this year I started talking to him again he is a big flirt still and my friend met him by him continuously touching her but and hair bit he never really speaks to he than he hugged me in the hallway and wouldn't let me go poked my butt one with a pencil , fake slapped me in the hall and often walks up to me gets real close right in my face than walks turns around and go the opposite way and smiles at me it the hall I don't know what to do opinions please

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  • I thought it actually said "part 12"
    And I was about to be like, ohh giiirrrll!