He says our relationship feels unnatural. What does that mean? Is this Salvagable?

We go to two dif colleges like 5 mins away. We met eachother and texted everyday for amonth. then became official and dated for a month. for almost all that time except the last week he would tell me he really likes me and hed look at me with loving eyes and we'd have fun and talk and he'd say he doesn't plan on leaving anytime soon (which he did believe at that time). But then all of a sudden he breaks up with me and says things feel too forced and unatural and that it's rushed. Is it possible he's feeling this way (of it being unatural) because we both rushed into the relationship too fast?/Is this fixable rather than just a (gut feeling that our two personalities dont have chemistry) Cause he still likes me so i doubt it's cause we dont connect well and he says he likes being around me. Like would this do anything to slow things down and start as friends? Cause right now he's convinced "things won't work" because of this gut feeling and "forced" thinking. and yet he says he still really likes me and thinks the best thing if we wanted to ever try again was just to stay friends for now. as in hang out, but just be platonic still can see other people. I just can't help thinking that the only reason he has this "gut feeling" is because we raced into it so that's what felt off. Not that it was just our relationship and how we connected together.
Anyway is there a point in even trying? I relaly really like him, but I don't want to get any hopes up or try too much. I def won't just wait aroudn for him in the meantime but in my head i'll prob keep thinking what if and hoping
should i just give up all hope?


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  • It's true, it could feel that way because it was too fast and that he felt that when in a relationship you two are expected to act and do certain things that he just wasn't intune with. Usually though gut feelings are right, and if in his gut he feels that you two aren't meant to be together, and only platonic then its how he feels and you can't really change it. I wouldn't wait around for them to change, and I wouldn't let him hold me back from potentially meeting a great guy either.

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