If you have a chance to get to know several people at the same time, how long should it take you to make up your mind?

Like online dating, for example. You got many matches and actually talked to 5 of them, then you're just interested in 2 - 3 and meet them in person. Some questions:
- Will you see them all (2-3 people) often to get to know who is the most compatible with you? Or just 1 meetup and you know who you would like to get to know more and who can just be friends?
- If you hangout/date with more than 1 at a time, how long should it take you to make your decision that you choose that person, not the others?

Because I'm feeling like that the guy whom I'm dating with is dating and evaluating several girls to see which one is "the best". That kinda hurts my emotion. I expected that at the begining because we all have the right to choose the person that we want to built the relationship with, when he asked me out I was talking to not just him but few other guys but I chose to go out with him only. We've been dating for more than a month and we've talk almost everyday but I still feel that he keeps dating other girls as well. I feel normal about this because we are both adults looking for a serious relationship (as he even stated that the relationship that can lead to marriage, not just short-term/sex...) but now I want him to make up his mind, either choose 1 (me probably) or I will leave. I think we are start to build some mutual feeling so I don't want my feeling for him to become to big that it will eventually hurt me if he decide not to choose me! How should I tell him?


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  • sit down and have a good old fashioned heart to heart talk voice your concerns is he truly serious or playing around get very serious with him


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