Should I stare a girl's face?

I find a lot of girls really hot just by their face. Can I stare at them for a couple of seconds after they notice I'm looking at them?

Maybe they will approach me for me to start a conversation with them?

When they look back I look 1-2 seconds and look away. Should I do this?


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  • Generally just staring at someone may come off as a bit creepy. Why don't you go up and talk to them?

    • I have tried that. I am just thinking a way of letting them know they're hot?

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    • Again, just staring at someone is a bit creepy.

    • Ok but lets say I'm looking forward. I look at a girl for a second and she looks back. I always break the eye contact in a second, meaning I looked at her for 2 seconds. Should I make it longer? Should I look until they smile or look back?

      I don't think looking at girl when she looks back in total 5 seconds is a bad thing. I think I just want to show off confidence.

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  • It seems like a lot of questions here are about girls who notice guys staring. at least you will be noticed


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  • if they see you looking, crack a small smile, and subtly pose to show off your good features. (simultaneously) if she is still making eye contact with you. go over and tlk to her.

  • 99 outta 100 girls will not approach you if you're staring at them.