Does This Guy Like Me?

To give some background: I'm 18 and a freshman in college. Recently I've accumulated a lot of attention from guys, but mostly in the wrong way... I guess at this age, guys are only interested in one thing. I've had a couple poor experiences with guys this year that have unfortunately depleted my confidence a little bit. It's really difficult for me to read the signs because I don't want to read into things--something that I have been accused of doing. Although my friends say this guy is into me, I'm not 100% sure.

So I met this guy back in September, and at first I thought he was a douche just because he was so attractive. I know--a terrible assumption to make. I got to know him and he turned out to be the nicest guy I've ever met in my life. Long story short--we've hung out a lot. We'll study together and listen to music together, and he often punches (in a joking way) when we hang out. He asked me to help him film a very personal video about his parents being veterans and him being diagnosed with diabetes type 1. He's asked me on outings ("date" is a strong word), such as to go pet puppies at a pet store and go to the mall. He's shared personal stories with me. We went to see a movie together (Creed, to be specific--which we both had already seen), and although we ended up getting lost, he told me he likes when things go unplanned. We ate together and caught me going through some old things on twitter and saw an old poem I had written. He screenshot it and sent it to himself and kept saying how good of a writer I am. He's given me his coat on several occassions and held my hands to keep them warm. When we finally got to the movies, we found a shopping cart that we pushed each other around in and went movie hopping, something I'd never done before. He's been there for me when I'm down and has said that he always thought I was unique and that we always have fun together.

I have to continue this in the next post...

I know this seems incredibly obvious, but this guy is generally a nice guy. He's friends with basically everyone, and though I don't see him hanging out with other girls as much, he's still very friendly. At most, I think I'm a good friend of his. I want so badly to be more than that but I'm scared to ask because the last time I did that, I ruined a friendship. I just really need some advice here :(


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  • Oh without a doubt. After reading that I was expecting you to say you two kissed or something. There's something there for sure.