Is he not interested or just busy?

I started talking with this guy and conversation has been well, we haven't talked much because he's in college and I'm sure he's busy and can't answer often, so far he shows enough interest and asks a few questions, I wanted to know when his birthday was so I asked him and he asked back and didn't say anything or asked anything back, why could this be?


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  • Does he initiates the conversion or do you do most of the initiating and keeping it going?

    • I'm gonna tell you the whole story, I reconnected with this guy and he doesn't remember me, what I did first to see what would happen is that I followed him and unfollowed him on Instagram to see if he would follow me and he did! so I followed back for the second time, do you think he's just being nice or did I capture his attention? anyways I started talking with him and I'm the one that starts conversations for the most part but he answers back, i think if he wouldn't be interested he won't reply but I asked him straight up if " he was honestly interested in getting to know me better" he said it would be rude if I sad no, sure why not " what could that mean? could you please try to tell me what this could mean?

    • At least he's willing to get to know you better, but it seems more friendly than it really is. Having said that, you never really know; If he wasn't interested, he wouldn't have continue talking to you and whatnot.

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  • He could very well just be busy and not everyone does instant responses, but I would say usually when I'm interested in someone I would try to respond as quickly as I can but he might be doing homework or working! Don't sweat it