If I told you that we are gonna go on a break?

Yes we need to take a break. What comes into your mind when you hear it and is it always meaning let's break up but just calling it break?

  • Relationship is so over
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  • Give it a few weeks/months that's a break
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  • Breaks are so messed up no such thing
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  • Ugh sad & pathetic
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  • Usually, it means "relationship is over". The word break is kind of a pun that has two meaning:

    1. take a break in your relationship
    2. to break off as in loosen your relationship with the guy or possibly to break up.

    What did you do to him that made him say that?

    • Take a break also means that the partner is unwilling to fix this relationship. He is waiting for the connection to die off so that he can end it peacefully.

    • Tbh that sounds about right and I totally agree with you! He never actually gave a reason, I guess he lost interest.

  • That relationship was poisoned, it slowly dies day by day, hour by hour, minute by minute. No cure unless both parties work together. Sometimes there is no solution, sometimes it is just a hi-cup. However if i know the other party is not willing to work, i might as well put a bullet into it to make sure its dead. I don't like to see things suffer that much. Hell. I have been on that side before.


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