What happening here? please help thanks?

okay so i met this guy in my hometown about a month ago. when we met he was really flirty and nice and i met his friends and stuff (all in one day) he knew i didn't live there anymore and it was annoying because everything i said he was just say "too bad you don't live here" or something of that matter

i just go up to guys and say corny pick up lines and ill get their number and it's just a way to make friends and it fun. so thats what i did with him and sooner or later after we were walking after a while i said the basic pick up line "you know what this shirt is made out of. girlfriend material" and he was laughing and just responded "too bad you live in ____" and i dont understand why that is stopping him from liking me or whatever

we talk a lot now and he says im like perfect and he tells me how im "definately the hottest girl he has ever met" and he says alll this stuff but doesn't act and i dont know if its just because he has no hope for long distance or what.



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  • Maybe he doesn't do long distance dating
    But he did say your hot and stuff. So that is good. I guess he wants to keep things the way they are. He seems very laid back and chill.


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